GolfLocal Golf Rules
Out of Bounds
Defined by white stakes, white lines, split rail fences, boundary fences and the driving range fence on the right side of #10.
*The inside edge of the cart path and stone wall behind #18 defines Out of Bounds.
*The driving range is out of bounds.
*The parking lot and main access roads are Out of Bounds.
*A ball which crosses a public road defined as out of bounds is out of bounds even though it may land on another part of the golf course.
Flower Beds
Flower Beds are not to be considered ground under repair. The ball is to be played as it lies. The player may utilize dropping options listed under rule 19 (Ball Unplayable).
Ground Under Repair: Enclosed white-lined areas defined as ground under repair. All newly seeded & sodded areas should be treated as ground under repair.
Penalty Areas: Artificial walls and pilings located in penalty areas are integral parts of the golf course. The cart paths on bridges over penalty areas are considered in the penalty area.